Raised in a ministry family serving at various Assembly of God and other full gospel churches, the members of the band have been musicians, singers, worship leaders, teachers, youth leaders and many other roles in service to Jesus since a young age. We believe in a dedicated, Bible-based life filled with all the fullness of God's love, joy and power in the Holy Spirit. Our desire is that every song we write is a message from God to help bring people to Christ, to help us grow in his Word and in the Holy Spirit, and to build the body of Christ to better serve Him. We believe God wants to use young people in a powerful way to reach out to others, and take a stand for Him.
The band consists of four brothers and one sister - Jimmy, Johnny, Josh, Joey and Chrissy. Having worked together over the years as a church worship team and in various programs and specials, it was our desire to create a Christian rock band that would not only carry the ultimate powerful message, but also offer music that is creative, energetic and entertaining to the listener. Our music is a bit diverse, mixing various styles and genres into a unique, personal sound, expressing both emotion and message in the music as well as the lyrics. Our influences range from TobyMac to Skillet, FamilyForce5 to Barlow Girl, even classic 80's Christian rock and various rap, worship and contemporary styles. We hope to expand further as we continue to grow musically into other sounds such as metal, classical and techno, still maintaining our unique personal touch and, as always, the message of Christ.
Christina "CC:)" Ingram, 21 years old, is one of the lead vocalists, songwriters and guitar players in the band. Emotional and passionate, her songs tackle the conflicts of human emotion and spiritual warfare; wrestling with the struggles of the human heart as a Spirit-filled Christian in an evil and cursed world. Her desire to serve the Lord Jesus goes beyond her music, as she promotes purity and holiness in young hearts wherever she ministers, leading her peers to a more powerful and commited walk with God.
Jimmy "The Jimsta" Ingram, 20 years old, is a lead vocalist, musician and songwriter. Playing primarily keyboards but also ready to add guitar or bass in future projects, Jimmy is versatile both musically and lyrically.
Called to preach the Gospel at an early age, his music and lyrics display a Biblical intensity as well as a musical diversity,
to fully impact the listener with the message of Christ.
A spiritual leader on and off the stage, his passion to reach the lost
and to minister to believers is evident not only in his music but also in his life.
Jonathan "Solo-man" Ingram, 18 years old, is the primary lead guitarist, as well as vocalist and songwriter. Bluesy and artistic, Jonathan plays his music with passion and emotion, carrying the heart of the listener into the tune and ultimately the message.
An avid outdoorsman, he loves to spend his time hunting, fishing and riding motorcyles in the dirt. His athletic energy and intense, sensitive emotion add a unique personal dimension to the band, expressing his faith through his music as well as his frontline stage presence, connecting with the crowds on a personal level.
Joshua "J-ZAP" Ingram, 17 years old, is more than the drummer in the band - he is pure anointed energy. His three loves in life are Jesus, drums and football, and he gives his all to each with unbridled passion and dedicated commitment. Standing 6'5" tall and weighing over 280 pounds, he finds his strength not in the physical but in something greater - the presence and power of God in his life. Playing Pearl drums and Zildjan symbals, he takes a personal approach to his music and the band, creating a unique and unusual connection to the crowd through his limitless energy and musical expression.
Joey "J-Roo" Ingram, 13 years old, provides bass guitar and vocals for the band, as well as contributing to songwriting and overall cuteness. Charming and confident, Joey provides his own style of bass playing, wrestling out his unique leads and rumbling lows with energetic drive. Always playful and insightful, he is a constant learner with an unlimited quantity of questions about everything from science to Bible, excelling both in academics and athletics.
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